Treasurer - Amelia

Joined Kingstowne Striders: 2013

About Amelia: After working in the thoroughbred racing industry for more than a decade, Amelia switched to government contracting in 2014. She began running in 2007-ish (...and down the stretch they come!) and has since completed two full marathons, eight triathlons (five Olympics) and numerous (30+) half marathons. She moved to DC in 2011 and then to Alexandria in 2013 where she joined the Kingstowne Striders.

Favorite Race Experience: Running the real Beat the Blerch half marathon in Carnation, WA in 2022 (State #9)!

Favorite Race Medal: Every medal on my 50 States medal rack plus a collection of Ragnar medals!

Unaccomplished Race Goal: Completing a half marathon in each state, a challenge I started in 2022. 15 states done as of 2023. 2024 plan: Utah (Zion), Atlantic City (NJ), Flying Pig (Ohio), back to back Cape Cod (MA) and Newport (RI) and Crossroads in Kansas in November 2024.