Striders Stories

Connor at Dirty German Ultra

Testing The Ultra Waters - The Dirty German 50-Miler - Connor

Connor tells about his adventures in his first marathon in Des Moines and hiss first ultramarathon - the Dirty German 50-Miler,

Theresa running Cherry Blossom Virtual 10 Miler on Mount Vernon Trail

 Cherry Blossom - Virtual Ten-miler - Theresa


Theresa describes the experience of having Striders support in a virtual 10 miler, with both company on the run and an impromptu aid station.

KIngstowne Striders Track Practice at Edison HS

Amelia - For those interested in coaching...


Amelia shares her experiences of becoming a runner and a coach.


Thanks for introducing us to the world of coaching Amelia!!  

Stephen with his MCM medal, somehow still smiling

Stephen's MCM Story


No excuses.  He did it.  Stephen tells us how it felt to run a cold and soggy Marine Corps Marathon.

Kingstowne Striders Spring 2021 Schedule

Weekend Runs

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Thursday Runs

Until the Summer Run Rotation starts, runs will Start at 6:30 PM at Panera in Kingstowne

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