Striders Stories

Tish and friends

Motivation:  "More Cowbell!!!!" - Tish


Tish tells us what motivates her and offers some insights on what might help motivate you.


Exploring Heart Rate Training - Amelia


Amelia describes her experiment with low heart rate based training.

Photo of Mike

How a Diagnosis Can Turn into Motivation - Mike


A diagnosis that was potentially devastating provided Mike the motivation to "Just Keep Running".

Carmen's photo

A Runner's Journey to Coaching - Carmen


Carmen relates the her story of becoming a runner and a coach.

She has some tips for anyone who has aspirations of coaching.

Fill the Shoes Logo

A Match Made in Heaven - Amanda


The Birth of the Kingstowne Striders and the Fill the Shoes 5k

Kingstowne Striders Spring 2021 Schedule

Weekend Runs

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Thursday Runs

Until the Summer Run Rotation starts, runs will Start at 6:30 PM at Panera in Kingstowne

The Summer Run Rotation will be posted on the Calendar